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Who We Are (and What We Do)

#SteampunkVillains is, well, pretty self-explanatory. It's a group dedicated to the more sinister side of the Steampunk genre and subculture (if you are so inclined toward alliterations).

There are plenty of places for the valiant, brass-adorned heroes who stand for all that is righteous and good, but what about the pirates, evil overlords, and other persons of marked nastiness? Aren't they just as magnificent? Without them, our heroes would be nothing more than dopey-looking everymen who go mad trying to stave off boredom.


+ We accept all forms of visual-art submissions: photographs, paintings, sketches, blueprints, costumes, handicrafts, and experiments in blasphemous science.

+ This group is considered to be "pan-universal," meaning that it is inclusive of every possible Steampunk universe, not just the ones pre-established in current media. Whether it is a universe of your own devising, or one that already exists, if it's antagonistic in nature, it belongs here!

+ The term "Steampunk" is very difficult to define. Everybody and their toad has a unique definition, so, for the sake of inclusiveness, this group shall begin with a very "broad" one that becomes more specific as time goes on.

The generally "agreed-upon" definition of Steampunk entails alternate pasts, futures, or universes in which highly-advanced technology is operated via archaic means. Note that this is a RIDICULOUSLY loose definition, and that the addenda and intricacies are heavily debated.

TL;DR: Steampunk is hard to define. If you don't agree with how the group defines it, consider it an act of villainous opposition.


Hey guys, a note about submissions and why we might reject them.

Firstly, we regret to inform you that we do not take text or literature submissions at this time.  Character bios, story chapters, scripts, and other text-based submissions will be turned away.  We may open literature submissions up in the future, but for now we don't have the time to read through 8 pages of a story for the one sentence that involves a villain.

If your submissions are steampunk but do not pertain to villains, we will not accept them.  Costume pieces and props aren't inherently heroic or villainous, so they are usually accepted, but as for character art and designs, please only submit characters that are dastardly in nature.  There are plenty of generic steampunk clubs that allow all sorts of characters, but we're kind of a specific thing.  We're kind of just about villains here.

If your submissions are not steampunk, they will be rejected, villainous or not.  If your work is identifiable as cyberpunk, lolita, dieselpunk, or straight-up fantasy, it is likely that it will be rejected. We are exceptionally lax on what constitutes steampunk here, but there comes a time when we have to draw the line. When we can no longer identify your work as steampunk, it really just doesn't belong here.  

If you submit good work that is steampunk and villainous but you submit a pile of pieces at once, we'll weed through the very best of your submissions and accept only those.  If you send us 30 pieces at once, we will not take all of them.  This is a club for sharing your steampunk works and networking with those with similar interests, not for recreating your entire deviantart gallery in ours.  If you want to share a lot of your submissions with our club, please consider the pace at which you send them in.  We'll happily accept 3-5 submissions from one artist at once, but we absolutely cannot take 16 from the same artist simultaneously.

We try not to turn submissions away based on skill-level or aesthetics, but when presented with a flood of submissions from a single user, we will use discretion and select only what we believe to be the "best" or most representative pieces from that artist.

If your piece has been rejected, please do not resubmit it.  We know what we've turned down before, and we turned it down for one of the above reasons. We're not about to ban anyone from the club or anything of the sort, but know that if it has been rejected once, it will be rejected again. In the same vein, if it takes us a few days to vote on your submission, please do not resubmit.  We are sometimes away from the computer for a while and we like to vote together, as it takes two votes to admit a piece.

We regretfully have had to turn away a lot of submissions lately for simply not belonging in the group, or for being submitted en masse. We have until this point been a little unclear about the rules for submissions, mostly because we foolishly believed we wouldn't have to be terribly specific.  We figured "Steampunk Villains" would say it all, really.  This is a club for steampunk villains.  Heroes need not apply.


:iconkarynironsides: and :iconghostloaf:
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Hi guys I finished the Steampunk Art book
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Greetings, artists and makers! My apologies if this comes off looking like spam. I'm not used to trying to advertise things, but some friends have suggested that I give it a shot.

Anyhoo, here's the spamish bit: There's a steampunk convention going on in San Jose during Memorial Day weekend. It's called Clockwork Alchemy. I'm in charge of recruiting artists for the gallery, so I figured I'd ask around here and see if anyone is interested. There is no charge to display your work in our gallery, but it is subject to a review process. We don't allow the artists to sell their work in the gallery, but we do encourage them to include contact information to facilitate future sales. If you or someone you know has an awesome bit of steampunk art or gadgetry lying around in the garage, please feel free to look us up. Here's the link:

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Could I submit my story to this group?
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I was wondering; would I be able to submit pages for a steampunk comic I'm starting? It focuses on a fairly villainous, criminal and ruthless character (hence why it could be appropriate for this group) but I'm not sure if you accept things like comics :/
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submit away! we'll find a category for it!
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